Friday, November 30, 2012

Dressage in the Fourth Dimension

" On Sunday I rode Nitter and she really is responding to my new seat.  I was practicing working trot so I can strengthen my legs/seat. Nitter exploded into a beautiful extended trot all on her own, or if I asked her, I am not sure what I was perfect.  Her rhythm never faltered, her withers rose, her head was up and her face perfectly parallel to the ground, her shoulders were going out as far as physically possible, and she was not leaning on the bit at all.  I could feel all the energy of the aids through my seat and my hands, truly the 'circle of aids' actually coming through and me feeling it...there was so much energy I could barely sit and had to post so as not to disturb her perfect balance. I put her on the rail and just let her go! What a remarkable horse!  We were transformed into our own space and time, and we were as one.  I never had such a feeling on a horse before."     ---Linda Schaap