Monday, October 4, 2010

Dressage in the Fourth Dimension: Testimonial

"Dr. Sherry Ackerman, author of the inspirational book Dressage in the Fourth Dimension returned to the Lower Mainland recently for a clinic. Mentored by Egon von Neindorff and Dr. Henri van Schaik, Sherry is a leading proponent of dressage as a philosophical, spiritual and artistic practice.

The clinic combined yoga, which Sherry relates directly to riding and also to the challenges we ask of our horse, particularly in lateral work; lectures on the finer points of classical vs. competitive dressage (as a professor of philosophy and psychology, her erudite, but very clear explanations are compelling); and riding sessions which emphasize suppleness and softness using only our position, seat and tiny internal muscles we didn't know existed (epsom salts). It is all about very careful and respectful development of the horse.

Sherry teaches throughout the U.S. and Europe (and happily now in B.C.) where her intellect, her warm and enthusiastic encouragement for students at all levels, and her wicked sense of humor create magical and often very moving experiences for participants, and this inevitably leads to a deeper relationship with our equine partners."

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