Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dressage in the Fourth Dimension: Building Community!

One of the goals in the Dressage in the Fourth Dimension clinics is building community and developing supportive networks among clinic participants. The work definitely encourages deep partnership between the riders and their horses....but it also creates conditions for establishing partnerships among the participants, as well.

In many traditional dressage settings, there is an undertone of competitiveness. It can be subtle, but it's there. Our Fourth Dimension work discourages this and encourages full cooperation, mutuality and inclusion. It asks participants to facilitate one another's growth and transformation.

This process was really obvious at a recent clinic when I watched all of the clinic participants work together to provide compassionate support and friendship to a member who was not able to be there due to serious illness. Everyone cared, everyone chipped in to send a beautiful gift of Love. It was a palpable demonstration of the words: "...the fourth dimension allows waves of Love to funnel through us..." (pg. 99, Dressage in the Fourth Dimension).

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