Monday, July 27, 2009

Dressage in the Fourth Dimension: Feedback from British Columbia

I have just returned from presenting a fabulous Dressage in the Fourth Dimension Introductory Mounted Clinic in British Columbia. I am blown away by how effective this clinic format is! The change in every single rider's position, administration of the aids, and technical just three days....was sensational. And, the integral fabric of seeing dressage holistically really gives the work a leg up. Old patterns change, empowerment sets in...and things begin to happen. It is so exciting to be working with people all over the US and Canada with this program. Here are some of the comments from the British Columbia clinic:
  • "It is so great that you're offering such a positive message and a "new" way of riding with the four dimensions.
  • "Sherry is a GREAT instructor! She walks her talk. Get her to come back!"
  • "This was exactly what I was looking for--for both my horse and myself."
  • "The combination of all: the body, mind, spirit and psyche really works!"
  • "Sherry made clear in one weekend what I have been trying to figure out for over 30 years!"
  • "I gained an awareness that I have formerly only dreamed of."

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