Thursday, September 17, 2009

Testimonials on the Clinics

I have been very pleased with this Season's Dressage in the Fourth Dimension Introductory Clinics around the US and Canada. Here are some comments that have recently come in from participants in these clinics:

"I can't believe how strongly the concept of the four bodies were linked with the workshop you gave this week-end - how refreshing to have such a complete approach to dressage and riding. Another aspect, I have noticed is how well balanced you are, in your own bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). I can't express to you how deep the understanding of the five triangles in the body when opened and toned as you have taught us can make a difference while riding but also in all areas of my life. I was meditating this morning on the one in the neck - very powerful to help align the other ones. I shall study with you again, it is rare to meet someone as integrated as you are, except perhaps, the horses !"

"This was an amazing clinic where I had the chance to surpass myself. In 3 days, I regained my confidence and got my mojo back! What an awesome opportunity! What I loved was the integration of understandings from different fields of study. I also really appreciated the meticulous break-down of all of the riding aids. Now I can be more conscious when applying them."

"Sherry absolutely has what it takes to teach such an integrated clinic. The days were thoroughly planned so that everything was flowing almost by itself. I had lessons of yoga, meditation, philosophy and psychology. And of course, there were the lessons with dressage riding and theory. All off this was put together in a way that allowed me go even deeper in my understanding of relating to horses and riding dressage."

" All of the information from your Fourth Dimension clinic is branded into me, its amazing."

"That whole weekend was life changing.....and so transformational!"

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